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The bunker and silage walls represent simple products which are well designed and are effective at the purpose for which they are intended. The wall options available are bespoke and designed specifically by Murphy Concrete Products for their customers.


Bunker walls are the most effective large volume storage systems available. An excellent way to contain and store materials such as feed, sand, gravel, scrap metal, recycling.

These double load bearing walls incorporate forklift recesses in the base to facilitate repositioning, allowing you to change widths of bays in line with your business demands or crop yields.

Walls up to 2.5 meters and 3.0 meters may need to be bolted down when retaining material. This includes grain, solid fuels, recycling materials, wood chip, and scrap metal.

The unique curved shape has been developed to allow the free flow of material to the floor with a 100mm straight portion at the bottom edge to aid the removal of material from the floor.

Another feature of the bunker wall is the narrow base, this minimising its footprint.

  • Eliminates waste
  • Keeps area clean and tidy
  • Room for forks – easy to move and re-position
  • Reinforced with steel throughout
  • Free standing and very stable
  • 2.5 meter and 3.0 meter high
  • Duel load bearing


Moveable, concrete retaining L walls have a wide range of uses for all levels of industry and civil works. Their fexibility and diversity make them an attractive alternative to standard
fixed walls.

Our L-Walls are available in heights of 2.4m

The stand alone L wall is suitable for the following applications:

  • Silage walls
  • Storage of compost
  • Storage of agricultural products
  • Split level driveways/gardens
  • Retention of soil banks
  • Storage of building materials i.e. sand, stone
  • Storage of recyclables materials