Environmental Products

Murphy Concrete Products provides septic tank options for a variety of customers including, residential, agricultural and corporate sectors. All our tanks are certified to the highest standards.

  • Small domestic septic tank.
  • 2500 litres capacity.
  • Designed for occupancy for 6PE.
  • Comes fitted with seals on inlet and out lets.
  • Can be fitted with a small excavator where site access may be an issue.
  • It can also use as an add on tank to your existing septic tank.
  • This tank has also many uses ranging from water storage or farm yard run off.
  • EN Certified 12566-1.
  • Manufactured from 40N 10 Certified concrete EN 206.
  • Achieve the required EN 12566-1 effluent quality without the use of an internal septic tank filter.
  • Designed for occupancy of 8PE.
  • Has water tight seals on inlets and outlets that are cast into the tank during manufacturing.
  • Designed for shallow dig 1.5 meter or less.
  • Designed so a small excavator can lift the tank. This is important for retro fits with legacy issue sites where access by truck etc. will be an issue.
  • Inter locking risers can be supplied with concrete lids.