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Planning for 2019 with Murphy Concrete Products

As the new year comes rolling in, many of us are planning ahead for the coming year. Whether that be making changes to your farm, expanding or even diversifying, having the right tools and products in place for every stage of your plan is so important. This month, we are looking at how our products can benefit areas of your farm at specific times of the year. Feed troughs 2018 saw many farmers across the country having to adapt to…

Keep your herd hydrated this summer with Murphy Concrete Drinking Troughs

As this spell of warm weather continues, it is of utmost importance that your herd is kept hydrated. If cows are thirsty, milk yield will drop, and in a period when average herd yields are down due to lack of grass growth, farmers need to maintain their yield where possible. The average cow will drink 10 litres on a cold wet day, jumping to 90-140 litres on a warm sunny day. 30% -50% of the animal’s daily water intake is…

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