11,000 Litre Concrete Storage Tank

Choose a large concrete tank for a higher storage capacity

11,000 LITRE Concrete storage tank

Perfect for agricultural or commercial use, our large precast concrete water storage tanks have a capacity of 11,000 litres and are made to the highest standards. You can rest assured that our superior products will keep your water stored securely in hard-wearing concrete. Our team of experts at Murphy Concrete Products excel not only in the design of concrete tanks but also in the manufacturing and installation of precast concrete products. 

Information about our large concrete storage tanks

Size and Capacity

Our large concrete water storage tank can hold up to 11,000 litres, measuring2310mm in height and 2990mm in diameter (at their widest). The tank weighs in at 5,500kg, with the lid weighing 3,000kg.


As with all our products at Murphy Concrete Products, our precast concrete tanks are designed to comply with all relevant current European Standards, giving you quality you can trust.

Pipe Replacement

Tanks can be provided with watertight seals for pipe entry into our precast tanks; these seals can be placed in any location in the tank to suit customer specifications.

Uses and Applications

These tanks are typically used for agricultural purposes as well as by the sewage industry. Applications include dirty water collection, rainwater harvesting, and as a water reservoir.

Materials Used

Strength and durability are key for storage tanks, so we use concrete strengths of minimum 50N (unless otherwise stated). For inlets, all tanks come with a 100mm PVC inlet as standard.

Site Access

As long as there is adequate access to the site, installation of the tank is relatively straightforward, using a truck-mounted crane.

Why choose concrete for large storage tanks?

Although concrete isn’t the only possible material for large storage tanks, it does have some advantages over alternative materials like plastic and steel. Concrete tanks are durable, lasting up to 50 years while needing very little maintenance. Other materials have to be repaired and follow strict maintenance cycles, which can hike up the price. 

Due to their strength, concrete tanks can be constructed larger than metal or plastic tanks, and, when underground, can support heavier loads passing over the soil above. Their weight is also a benefit when it comes to heavy rainfall, as they won’t shift or float. 

Concrete is in abundant supply worldwide, making it one of the most efficient building materials available. This makes concrete tanks a cost-effective choice for many businesses and individuals. 

How are underground large concrete tanks installed?

Once the location of the tank has been decided, the pipe system should be set up, installed and ready for connection to the storage tank. The area must be excavated, ready to install the tank. Then, the hole is typically lined with a 50mm sand bed for the tank to sit on. Provided adequate access is available, the tank can be placed with a truck-mounted crane. Once the tank is in place, it will be covered up, often being backfilled by the excavated material. Generally, there is no need to use concrete backfilling, which results in considerable cost savings. 

Opting for our durable 11,000-litre storage tanks will keep large quantities of water safe without the high price tag.