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Farming & Agricultural Concrete Products

Meeting the requirements of modern farming

Working closely with farmers to provide products that meet every need, we provide a number of precast concrete products for the agricultural sector, including top-fill water troughs, feed troughs, footbaths, Tractor Weights and Slurry Channels

Assuring the highest quality through use of cutting-edge knowledge and production technologies, Murphy Concrete Products focuses on delivering products that will truly make a difference to agricultural operations by standing the test of time. 

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Our agricultural precast concrete products

Feed Troughs

Our double and single-sided precast concrete feed troughs come in various shapes, from U- to L- to J-shaped to suit any requirements. Use them with a diet feeder to increase performance and decrease feed costs.

Tractor Weights

A high-quality, strong value alternative to cast iron equivalents, our Irish designed and produced concrete tractor weights come in weights between 650 KG & 1000 KG can be front- and rear-mounted for maximum versatility.


Good farming practices require the use of footbaths to prevent the spread of infection and help prevent and treat diseases and lameness. Keep your herd safe and healthy with a footbath that lasts.

Drinking Troughs

Ensure your livestock has access to an adequate, consistent supply of clean drinking water with our range of 6 precast concrete drinking troughs designed to withstand any movement by livestock, big or small.

Slurry Channels

Our highly durable slurry channels reduce, and may even eliminate, the need for manual manure handling, making them an efficient, clean-cut solution for your slurry. Quick installation means your channels could be with you in no time.

Valves and Taps

All valves on our water troughs are designed specifically for Murphy Precast products and produced from non-corrosive plastic, helping you manage the water supply to each trough more efficiently, saving you time and money!

The benefits of using concrete for Agricultural Applications

High-strength, durable concrete solutions are key to meeting the demands of modern farming, making it a trusted material of choice among Irish farmers. High resistance to weather, bacteria, manure, and vermin, along with minimal maintenance needs, all contribute to the unbeatable service life of concrete products, saving farmers time and money and improving living conditions for livestock.  



Let Murphy Concrete Products Meet Your Needs

With an ear always to the ground, we like to see how our products do in the field, working closely with farmers, contractors, and suppliers to find the best concrete solutions to meet their needs. Our 20 years of industry experience has got us this far, but we believe in constant development, improving our products over time and producing custom solutions to meet specific needs.