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Livestock Top-fill Drinking Troughs

Concrete Drinking Troughs


Our range of 6 precast concrete water troughs provides a quality drinking facility for livestock from sheep to cattle, designed to stand the test of time. Available in various sizes, our drinking troughs all come with a valve system included to ensure your livestock has access to an adequate, consistent supply of clean drinking water, giving you peace of mind that lasts.


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Our Animal Drinking Troughs Are


Internal and external rounded corners increase animal safety and comfort when using the trough


Concrete Drinking Troughs are robust and will not lose their shape, withstanding any movement by livestock


Easy to drain and clean. All you have to do is remove the tapered solid rubber bung to drain, and rounded inner corners also make our troughs easier to clean


All troughs are reinforced using polymer fibre and reinforced steel to achieve maximum tensile strength

Easy to use

All valves are mounted onto a steel galvanised bracket bolted to the top rim of the trough The valve protection concrete cover is fully removable for ease of access


All Murphy Concrete Products troughs are manufactured to 40N certified EN 206 concrete

Water Trough Sizes Available

1450mm long, 650mm wide, 330mm depth

 2110mm long, 650mm wide, 500mm depth

1920mm long, 1020mm wide, 610mm depth

2580mm long, 1220mm wide, 740mm depth

3330mm long, 1200mm wide, 750mm depth

4140mm long, 1200mm wide, 750mm depth

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Our Concrete Water Trough Valves


The valves we use are designed specifically by Hansen in New Zealand for Murphy Precast products and are produced from non-corrosive plastic, helping users manage the water supply to each trough more efficiently.

Hansen efficient valves operate from 0bar to 12bar with  their reduced operating pressure and higher flows at lower pressures reducing pumping time and costs, and avoiding valve bounce and water hammer. Designed to work with clean and dirty water, our valves also save you cleaning time, leading to greater efficiency. 

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Concrete Drinkers Installation

Whether you run a small farm or large commercial operation, opt for a robust, concrete water trough designed to stand the test of time, no matter what your livestock or the weather throws at it.