Feed Trough

Durable Livestock Feed Troughs

Concrete Feed Troughs

Make sure food is always kept within reach of your livestock with our range of precast concrete feed troughs. Use in conjunction with a diet feeder to encourage livestock to eat the whole diet mix, helping increase performance and providing cost-effective feeding.

 Produced in a range of shapes to suit any manner of feeding arrangements, our concrete feed troughs suit individual requirements, from single- to double-sided feeding. Readily available for quick installation, our long-lasting, concrete troughs could be meeting your farming needs in no time.


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Livestock Feed Troughs for all Needs

Double-sided Feeders

Designed to feed cattle on both sides, our free-standing, durable double-sided feeders come in two easy-clean designs made to last. 



Supplied in 132” sections and designed for simple cattle rations, a fully curved base makes our Round Top U feeders easier to clean and reduces feed contamination, while its rounded tops increase livestock comfort and safety.

Best used in wintering yards or where space may be at a minimum, our Wide U feeders are provided in 96” lengths. Allowing for feeding on both sides, Wide U feeders increase animal comfort and access to feed in closer quarters.

Single-Sided Livestock Feeders

Perfect for single-sided feeding, our range of 5 one-sided livestock feeding troughs are versatile, moulding to any environment.




Designed for narrower passageways, our Round Top L feeder has a vertical side, allowing it to take up even less space as it fits snugly against your wall. Provided in 132” lengths.

Designed to suit high output mixer machines, our High L shape feeder provides more room for feed storage, which means consistent access to feed for livestock. Provided in 96” lengths.

Designed for low output diet feeders, our Low L shape feed trough has a slanted side, increasing animal comfort, while a rounded base makes for easy cleaning. Provided in 96” lengths.



J Feed Troughs are designed for use in new builds and do not require a permeant stub wall. Versatile and easy to reposition, they allow for shed layouts to be moulded around them. Perfect for use by cattle, calves and smaller livestock, our easy clean J feeder comes in lengths of 96”.

Designed to suit low output diet feeders, Low J Feed Troughs have lower sides for greater animal comfort. Rounded tops make for easier eating, while a rounded inside provides for an easy clean as food doesn’t get stuck in the edges. Supplied in 96” lengths

The Benefits of a Concrete Livestock Feed Troughs

Feed troughs must be durable, safe, and hygienic to ensure livestock is kept in the best conditions. One of the aspects that most affect a trough is the material it is made from, impacting everything from feed quality to overall animal welfare. 

  • Hygienic easy cleaning and antibacterial properties make concrete hygienic
  • Clean low chances of spills mean less vermin and cleaner walkways
  • Safe concrete doesn’t rust or snap, which means no dangerous sharp edges appear from one day to the next
  • Comfortable rounded edges make for greater livestock comfort
  • Reliable able to provide continuous feed thanks to being easy to fill

  • Robust sturdy concrete won’t move, bend, or break, no matter the battering it takes
  • Weather- Resistant concrete troughs are hard wearing and resistant to UV, temperature changes and moisture

  • Versatile manufactured in a wide range of shapes and sizes, precast concrete feed troughs can be made to fit any need.

Produced with a highly smooth finish, all Murphy Concrete Products are manufactured using 40N certified En 206 concrete and reinforced using polymer fibre and reinforced steel to achieve maximum tensile strength, ensuring year after year of use.

Whatever the size of your agricultural operation, opt for a strong, concrete feed trough designed to stand the test of time, no matter what your livestock or the weather throws at it.