Protect Your Herd with a Durable Sheep or Cattle Foot Bath

Concrete Foot Baths

Improve animal welfare with a precast concrete foot bath, helping tackle the threat of infections faced by herds, including Mortellaro. Wet conditions and cows walking further to paddocks means an increased risk of lameness, which affects fertility levels and milk yields in cattle, and therefore farmers’ incomes.

Prevent disease and infection by controlling contagion with a foot bath that’s made to last. 


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Our Animal Livestock Foot Baths Are

  • Versatile Side rails can be added when the foot bath is in a temporary location, or removed when placed next to a wall or another foot bath

  • Ready To Use Our Footbaths are designed to use the optimum amount of solution creating the perfect balance between disease prevention and cost
  • Certified All Murphy Concrete Products troughs are manufactured to 40N certified EN 206 concrete

  • Robust Made from certified concrete, our foot baths are made to stand the test of time

  • Comprehensive Two large wash outlets are provided, one on each side
  • Sturdy Two large wash outlets are provided, one on each side

Foot Baths with Side Rails

For extra versatility, our foot baths can be provided with fully galvanised steel side rails, allowing for the foot bath to be placed just about anywhere, as long as it’s on level ground. Easily attachable and removable, these side rails are almost as robust as the foot bath itself, attaching seamlessly for added herd protection. 

The Benefits of a Livestock Foot Bath

Disease protection and control is a key consideration for livestock farmers, no matter whether they choose to keep sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, horses, or donkeys. As such, a reliable foot bath that can be used consistently, time and again, is a must. Helping prevent diseases such as digital dermatitis, an extremely quick-moving disease, foot baths help stop treated infections from becoming active again and prevents new cases in healthy animals. Saving farmers time trying to treat each animal individually, foot baths, when managed effectively, are an excellent way of carrying out a whole-herd approach to livestock treatment. 

Livestock Footbath Installation

Investing in a foot bath for your livestock is the first step, but knowing where to put it, and how to use it for maximum protection, is also vital, so here are some of our top tips:

  • Place the foot bath on a level surface such as gravel or cement
  • Make sure your foot bath is in an area all your animals walk through to ensure each one comes into contact with the entire length of the solution
  • Ensure the area after the foot bath is clean and dry for maximum effect
  • Thoroughly drain and rinse your foot bath before mixing a new solution. As our foot baths are made of concrete, they will withstand frequent washing.

Whatever the type of animal on your farm, opt for a robust foot bath designed to stand the test of time, keeping your livestock protected and disease-free.

Our Managing Director John shows you why our Footbaths are unique