Slurry Channels

Keep your farm buildings clean with precast concrete slurry channels

Precast Concrete Slurry Channels

Reduce, or even eliminate, the need for mechanical manure handling when you install Murphy precast concrete slurry channels. The excellent flow of our slurry channels means slurry flows straight out of the farm building, leading to a cleaner, calmer environment for your livestock, and one less thing for you to worry about. 

Easy-clean concrete channels mean more efficient processes, improved sanitation, and quality of life for livestock.

Our Concrete Slurry Channels Are


With solid covers for tractor loading and slatted for livestock loadings available, our slurry channels are built to fit your needs.

Fast To Install

As long as you have the infrastructure in place, all that’s left to do is slot your interconnecting channels in, and you’re good to go


An interlock groove that can easily be sealed means your slurry channel is kept shut, and the slurry kept neatly out of the way.


Manufactured from reinforced concrete, our slurry tanks were built to last.


A highly durable smooth finish gives our concrete slurry channels excellent flow characteristics, making them easy to clean.


All Murphy Concrete Products are manufactured to 40N certified EN 206 concrete, including our resistant slurry channels.

Concrete Slurry Channel Installation

The Benefits of Concrete Slurry Channels

Whatever your farmhouse needs, opt for robust slurry channels designed to stand the test of time, ensuring the cleanliness, safety, and efficiency of your waste disposal.