Tractor Weights

Keep your tractor steady with a front- or rear-mounted weight

Concrete Tractor Weights

Murphy precast concrete tractor weights are perfect for use around the farm, their compact nature and durability making them versatile for a range of tractors. Increase traction, reduce slippage, and boost the life of your tractor drivetrain with a simple solution that’s always ready to go when you are.

Our Concrete Tractor Weights Are


Our weights can be front or rear-mounted, making them versatile for use wherever you may need them most.

Safe and Easy to Attach

3-point linkage makes our tractor weights easy and, more importantly, safe to attach to the front or rear of a tractor.

Good Value

A quality, strong value alternative to the cast iron equivalent, a concrete weight can be precast to fit even the most awkward of space specification


A fully reinforced steel cage and high-strength concrete mean your tractor weight will resist even the toughest conditions.


The weight specifications you need in a compact design means a weight that’s easier to use, attach and store.


All Murphy Concrete Products are manufactured to 40N certified EN 206 concrete, including our durable tractor weights.

Tractor Weight Sizes Available

Our Irish designed and produced tractor weights come in 2 handy sizes. This means they can meet the needs of a range of tractors and circumstances.

Our Tractor Weights

Murphy precast concrete tractor weights have been designed to last, using a robust, interlinked design to ensure the concrete doesn’t crack, chip or crumble. A fully reinforced steel cage gives our weights their shape, ensuring they have a strong core, which is then connected directly to external bolts so that no extra strain is placed on the concrete itself. 

Here at Murphy’s, we’ve been in the concrete business a long time, which means we understand the ins and outs of its usage. Though there’s always a debate surrounding cast iron or concrete weights for tractors – their density, size, and cost – we’ve ensured our weight design, combined with our high-quality, certified concrete, meets any requirements placed on them.

Why Use A Tractor Weight