Valves and Taps

Livestock trough valves and taps ensure steady water flow

Water Trough Valves and Taps

All valves sold with Murphy precast concrete products are designed specifically for our products and produced using non-corrosive plastic by our trusty supplier in New Zealand. PVC online taps with a thread size of ¾” are fitted to all our top-and bottom-fill troughs, helping users manage the water supply to each trough more efficiently.

Water Trough Valves with Warranty

All valves provided with Murphy concrete products have a six-month warranty from the date of invoice, which means if you have any problems, you can come straight back to us, and we’ll sort them out for you. However, just because your warranty ends after 6 months doesn’t mean we’re not still there for you. We’re still more than happy to source any replacement or additional parts you may need, though these will be subject to an additional cost once the valve warranty period is up. 

Need additional parts?

Order them directly via our website to get the correct valve for your trough delivered straight to your door, ensuring minimum trough downtime.

Murphy Water Trough Valves


The valves we use on Murphy Precast products are designed specifically for our products by Hansen in New Zealand. Producing each part from non-corrosive plastic, their efficient valves have been proven to reduce the operating pressure of valves and taps, which means reduced pumping times and costs. 

What’s more, the higher flows at lower pressures of Hansen valves and taps means users avoid bounce and water hammer and need to spend less time cleaning out their troughs, as the valves work with both clean and dirty water. 

We’re proud of the years of design and development that have gone into honing every part of our products, allowing us to better serve farmers and agriculture professionals throughout Ireland.

Trouble-Shooting your Water Trough Valve

We believe in helping our customers to safeguard, protect and get the most from any product they purchase, which is why we also include top tips on how to secure your valve and troubleshoot your valve problems with each valve provided.

Need to troubleshoot? Follow our simple steps:

Check that all fittings are tight and have no leaks.
Check the water pressure and the flow of water coming into the valve. Check that all fittings are tight and have no leaks.
Raise the ball float until the water stops coming out of the outlet of the valve.
If water continues to leak from the outlet of the valve, move onto the checklist:

Check out our video for more

Water Trough Valve Checklist

Ensure a clean water supply is made available to your livestock by using efficient valves and taps designed specifically for your water trough.