Concrete Waste Water Treatment Systems

Rely on durable reinforced concrete septic tanks

Concrete Wastewater Treatment Systems

Murphy’s Concrete Wastewater Treatment Systems combine a concrete septic tank with efficient SBR (sequencing batch reactor) technology for a system that is both durable and economical. A reliable Irish-manufactured concrete septic tank ensures it is resistant to environmental changes, such as tree roots and changing soil conditions while employing the latest in SBR technology means proven biological processes are used to remove contaminants. This combination leads to a wastewater treatment system with minimal energy consumption, making it cost, energy, and labour efficient. 

Our concrete wastewater treatment systems are


Our septic tanks are leak-free thanks to water-tight seals cast into tank inlets and outlets during manufacturing


Our systems are designed to be lifted by a small excavator, making them perfect for retrofits where access by large lorries is an issue.


Built to be fitted in shallow excavation, our wastewater treatment systems are quick and easy to install and fit.


The use of EN 206 certified concrete ensures the quality, durability, and consistency of every concrete product produced by Murphy’s.


A built-in pump chamber means our concrete wastewater treatment system makes for a comprehensive solution.


Relying on SBR technology means wastewater is treated in optimised batches, which makes for a more compact system.

What is SBR (sequencing batch reactor) technology?

Suitable for municipal, industrial, and private use, SBR (sequencing batch reactor) technology feeds wastewater into a single reactor in which undesirable components are treated. Once treated, the sludge is completely removed and replaced with new waste, composing an efficient fill-and-draw system that reduces both the mechanical and manual resources necessary for operations. 


Using a time-controlled sequence to ensure efficiency in a smaller area, an SBR system is the ideal option for those looking for a comprehensive solution that is easily installed in establishments where space may be limited.

Why Use Concrete in your Wastewater Treatment System?

Concrete is a popular choice of material for use in wastewater systems for many reasons, including:

  • Safety. The safest option of material, the strength of concrete is incomparable to that of other materials, which means if treated carefully, it may well last longer. 
  • Stability. Though plastic tanks are well-suited to dry soils with good conditions, if the water table is low, a plastic tank is more likely to gain buoyancy, leading to it becoming displaced. The weight of a concrete tank means this will never be the case, making a concrete tank better suited to unstable soil structures. 
  • Durability. Though the durability of concrete is heavily reliant on the strength of concrete used and manufacturing processes applied, here at Murphy’s, we ensure that the right regulations are followed and practices adhered to, so as to guarantee durability, making certain that your investment is worthwhile.

Whatever the application, whether commercial, agricultural, industrial, or private, opt for a robust, concrete wastewater treatment system to efficiently treat your waste.