ESB Concrete Boundary Box

ESB Concrete Boundary Box

Murphy Precast ESB boundary boxes are manufactured to the same high standards that our
customers have come to expect from Murphy Concrete Products. Our Boundary and meter boxes
have several features unique to Murphy Concrete.

The product is designed to be easy to handle and manoeuvre. Inserts are easily snapped onto each
end of the protective Polypropylene ring which are encased in concrete during the manufacturing
process providing strength and durability for lifting.
Specially designed pins attach to chains which can then be connected to any lifting device making
handling and installation quick and effortless.

Ease of Installation

Features and benefits of our concrete junction boxes

Our Precast concrete junction boxes provide service access, as well as accommodate changes in pipe
size, type or direction. They are constructed of precast concrete for durability, protection of vital
connections and controls from the elements and traffic. Some of the benefits include:

Modular Construction
Base/Bottom Section
Riser Sections
Knock-outs and Block-outs
Frames and Covers
Offers rugged durability for optimal access to vital connections
Customisable sectional design
Quick and easy install
Five-sided durable construction with openings for pipe connection points
Available with a flat top or joint key way for increased

Murphy Concrete Precast multi-purpose boundary boxes can be adapted to suit any site
requirements. Their flexible design means that they can be factory fitted with duct couplers, step
irons, sump units and rebated walls, as required. Contact us today for more info.