Footbaths from Murphy Concrete to Tackle Lameness

Dairy cow using Murphy Concrete precast footbath

Cows are walking further due to the expansion of many farms of late. As a result, lameness in cows is now becoming more prevalent. Lameness can be caused by bacteria present on-farm which can be picked up on the hoof and become infectious. Our precast concrete footbaths have come onto the market as a solution for the increasing risk of Mortellaro in herds, both in Ireland and abroad at present.

Common symptoms of lameness are immense pain, lower mobility levels and a reduced consumption of feed. Lameness may result in many different issues for the animal such as:
• Reduced fertility
• Lower milk yield
• Loss of condition
• Risk of further disease

As lameness has a direct cost to the farmers bottom line, every effort must be made to ensure that cows are in their best condition and producing a high milk yield for the individual cow.
The use of footbaths at regular intervals, the risk of lameness and the development of other secondary diseases is greatly reduced. Many farmers feel that by using the footbath one to three times per week has improved the hooves of their animals reducing the appearance of lameness.

There are numerous locations that are ideal for the placement of footbaths including, on entry or exit of the parlour or another location where cows are walking out with a clear line of sight. The optimal product for a footbath is an antibacterial, disinfectant solution, on advice from your vet.

The Murphy Concrete precast footbath is an easy to use, hassle-free approach to treating animal’s feet. The level platform means there is no stepping down into the footbath, fitting into the animal’s stride. To ensure a high level of hygiene, there are two large wash holes on either side of the footbath.

A new addition to the footbath product range are the side rails so that can be placed in a more temporary location.
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