Our precast concrete footbaths have arrived as a solution to a problem with the threat of Mortellaro in herds at present. Cows are walking more and further to paddocks, this can cause lameness. This can affect the milk yield of any one cow and therefore effect the bottom line for the farmers income.

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  • Made from 40N concrete  – very hard wearing.
  • Level platform inside and outside (No stepping down into footbath).
  • Two large wash outlets on both sides.
  • Fixed bolt holes for side barrier.


  • Assist in the prevention and treatment of hoof diseases and lameness.
  • Reduce the spread of infection.
  • Reduce solution waste.


Side rails can be supplied as an optional extra with our foothbaths.


  • When using side rails, the footbath can be placed in a temporary location.
  • If placing footbath beside a wall or placing two footbaths side by side, the side rails can be removed to suit  any situation.
  • Fully galvanized steel.
  • No drilling of the concrete as there is built in 16mm thread holes for the bolts.
  • There is four lifting points where slings or chains may be used to lift the product.