Good product quality, service and valuable knowledge – key for Co. Wexford farmer

Seamus Cullen milks 310 cows over 100 hectares of owned and leased land in Rathangan, Co. Wexford. Employing one full time person, Seamus has gradually grown his herd from 25 in 2000 to his current stock number. Keeping this in mind, Seamus has also gradually increased his trough requirement from Murphy Concrete Products to compliment this over the years.

System Upgrade

Seamus began using Murphy Concrete drinking troughs 10 years ago when they began to move from a small drinking trough to the 550 gallon troughs to suit their growing herd. In 2015, Seamus undertook a major water system upgrade to further accommodate the expanding herd. The upgrade required the laying of 8km of new pipework and the integration of 32 Murphy Concrete drinking troughs.

“After we upgraded the water system, we began to see increases in milk production; this worked out at about 5 litres per cow on average,” remarked Seamus. Furthermore, this upgrade has allowed Seamus to facilitate the recommended 10% of his herd at the drinking troughs at one time.

Seamus also put 10 tonnes of filling around each of the new troughs to reduce damage to the field and prevent stagnation in the troughs.

Installation of Storage Tanks

Seamus has also recently fitted two 11,000 litre cold water tanks, which brings fresh water around the farm. The troughs have taps connected which allow Seamus to turn off specific troughs around the farm if required.

Seamus chose Murphy Concrete drinking troughs due to their sleek look, and rounded corners which coped better with frost. “It was great to be able to rely on Murphy Concrete for  advice when we were planning the system upgrade. The after sales service is also great, anytime I need maintenance, I just have to make a phone call.”

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