Greywater Recycling Concrete Tanks

Reliable solutions for greywater recycling

Greywater Recycling Concrete Tanks

At Murphy Concrete Products, we care about the environment and sustainability. Looking to 

make the most of used water, we offer the option of greywater recycling concrete tanks for safe, reusable water to suit domestic, commercial and agricultural needs. Our expert team has designed and developed concrete tanks suitable for greywater recycling for those looking for an eco-friendly water recycling solution.

More about our greywater recycling concrete tanks


Unlike other materials used in water recycling tanks, concrete is robust and durable. At Murphy Concrete Products, our concrete tanks use minimum 50N strength concrete, which resist high water pressure levels.


If adequate access is available, our greywater recycling concrete tanks can be brought to your property and placed in the desired location using truck mounted cranes.


We understand that space-saving can be an issue, so our tanks can be installed underground or overground to suit your needs.


By installing a concrete tank with a filter, your greywater will pass through a multi-stage filtration system to cleanse it of debris, keeping your water safe to use for plant watering and other tasks


Recycling greywater saves money, and using concrete tanks guarantees a low maintenance, long-lasting solution.


Our greywater recycling concrete tanks come with watertight seals for pipe entry which can be placed anywhere on your tank.

What Is Greywater?

Greywater is the wastewater we get after using clean potable water for certain tasks such as showering, washing clothes or dishes. In most cases, greywater leaves the property via sewage and gets treated alongside blackwater (water from toilets that has been in contact with human waste). However, greywater is, in fact, much easier to treat and recycle than blackwater due to it containing far less harmful bacteria. Methods of treatment vary from relatively simple to highly complex automated systems. Depending on how it is treated, recycled greywater can be reused in numerous circumstances, from irrigation to flushing toilets. 


Uses Of Greywater

Potable water (clean drinking water) is necessary for many of our daily needs. Apart from drinking, we need it to wash and prepare food, as well as for certain hygiene tasks like toothbrushing. However, a large amount of potable water is used for tasks that could just as well be done using recycled greywater. 


As long as it is treated, greywater can be used for:

  •       flushing toilets 
  •       irrigation and watering plants (although not home-grown vegetables)
  •       washing clothes


Although available in domestic situations, the practice of greywater recycling is found far more frequently in commercial and agricultural contexts. Companies and hotels are using more and more greywater systems, as it not only saves water, but is also a cost-effective solution for water usage. 


Installing a greywater recycling concrete tank can help lower environmental impact while helping you or your business save money.