New Irish Precast Power Products from Murphy Concrete Products 2017

Murphy Concrete Products would like to welcome you to our new redesigned website where you can find out all your need to know about the precast power products which are designed, engineered and delivered for clients requirements.

We are constantly dedicated to and focused on helping customers to solve their problems and we work to provide the right precast solutions for them.

We offer a full suite of precast concrete solutions. Coupled with our existing products, in 2017, we have introduced the three new bespoke designed pieces to the range. The first is our new tractor weight, which, has received a lot of interest.

This product has been designed in house by Murphy Concrete Products and is a unique Irish designed precast piece. It is fully designed with a reinforced cage and manufactured high strength concrete in a compact design. It is the ideal and practical tractor attachment.

The second new precast product from Murphy Concrete for 2017 is the new Slurry Channel systems. These products help the farmer to eliminate mechanical manure handling, and reduces the need for agitation of slurry inside the farm building. These systems are installed very easily and quickly, include excellent flow characteristics and present as a highly durable smooth finished product.

The third new product addition is the heel kerb for sand cublic bedding. This product is steel reinforced with a smooth round top edge and bolts down to passage way. It presents as a very simple polished and strong product.

We are looking forward to introducing more precast power products at Murphy Concrete during the coming year.

We would like to remind you of our free onsite assessment for every client, this is a valuable spend of time which allows us to assess your work site and make informed recommendations for the precast products which will suit your business and your needs.

To avail of a free site assessment, contact or call 053 9256026 and we will be happy to help and discuss further.