Planning for 2019 with Murphy Concrete Products

As the new year comes rolling in, many of us are planning ahead for the coming year. Whether that be making changes to your farm, expanding or even diversifying, having the right tools and products in place for every stage of your plan is so important.

This month, we are looking at how our products can benefit areas of your farm at specific times of the year.

Feed troughs

2018 saw many farmers across the country having to adapt to various feeding strategies, following a long winter and dry summer. As feed will be at a shortage in early 2019, it will be important to contain and secure feed from other wildlife, such as birds, who can pull feed out of the passage way and leave remnants in the yard, attracting vermin. Through using the Murphy Concrete precast feed troughs, birds are less likely to enter more confined spaces, therefore protecting the animal’s feed. Although this cannot completely eliminate the problem of rodents and birds, it does significantly reduce the issue.

Water troughs

As always, keeping your herd hydrated is of utmost importance as, if cows are thirsty, milk yield will drop. The average cow will drink 10 litres on a cold, wet day, jumping to 90-140 litres on a warm, sunny day. 30-50% of the animal’s daily intake is drank within the first hour after milking.

The Murphy Concrete drinking troughs come in a range of sizes from 30 gallon, to 550 gallon, both in bottom and top fill varieties. Our drinking troughs also have rounded corners and sloped sides to prevent frost an ice damage, ensuring the longevity of the product.


Cows are now walking further due to the expansion of many farms of late. As a result, lameness in cows is now becoming more prevalent. Lameness can be caused by bacteria present on-farm which can be picked up on the hoof and become infectious. Our precast concrete footbaths have come onto the market as a solution for the increasing risk of Mortellaro in herds, both in Ireland and abroad at present.

The use of footbaths at regular intervals throughout the year will reduce the risk of lameness and the development of other secondary diseases. Many farmers feel that by using the footbath one to three times per week has improved the hooves of their animals reducing the appearance of lameness.

The Murphy Concrete precast footbath is an easy to use, hassle-free approach to treating animal’s feet. The level platform means there is no stepping down into the footbath, fitting into the animal’s stride. To ensure a high level of hygiene, there are two large wash holes on either side of the footbath.

Silage walls

The Murphy Concrete moveable retain Silage “L” walls have a wide range of uses for all levels of industry and civil works. From an agricultural aspect, these walls really come into their own from May onwards, when used for storing pit silage.

The flexibility and diversity of these walls make them an attractive alternative to standard fixed walls. The uses of the walls include:

  • Silage walls
  • Storage of compost
  • Storage of agricultural products
  • Split level driveways/gardens
  • Retention of soil banks
  • Storage of building materials e.g. sand, stone
  • Storage of recyclable materials

The Murphy Concrete silage walls are at a height of 2.4m

We also create and supply grant-aided bunker walls which can be used for the storage of grain, feed and gravel. For more information on our bunker walls, contact us here.

Slurry channels

2018 saw many farmers also put in new arrangements for slurry storage over the winter housing period. Some constructed slurry storage units further away from the slurry tank, using Murphy Concrete’s slurry channels to connect the two units.

Our slurry channels have excellent flow characteristics, which reduce the need for farmers to handle the slurry. The use of slurry channels means that there is less agitation taking place inside the farm building and as a result, it reduces any potential health and safety risks.

The Murphy Concrete slurry channels can be installed quickly and are manufactured from reinforced, high strength concrete and is a highly durable, smooth-finished products.


For more information on how Murphy Concrete can help you in the development of your farm’s infrastructure, please call us on 053-9256026 or click here


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