Precast Concrete Tanks

Precast Concrete Tanks to Meet a Range of Uses

Precast Concrete Tanks

At Murphy’s Precast Concrete Products, we know just what a difference a durable, resilient precast concrete tank can make, which is why we have designed an entire range of tanks to meet every need. Though it may not seem like a concrete tank could require much variation, we have tweaked and honed, altered and perfected each one for its specific use, ensuring durability and reliability in every product. 

Quality is of paramount importance to us, which is why we value communication above all else. We hear your brief, listen to your requirements, and ensure concerns and queries are aired before a product is delivered. Communication and the use of cutting-edge knowledge and production technologies are the ways in which we truly make a difference to agricultural, commercial, and residential operations, among others, thanks to our versatile precast concrete tanks. 

Explore our Range of Precast Concrete Tanks

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

The single-tank system required to make the most of rainwater while cutting down on your water bill. A space-efficient solution to water storage, a rust-resistant concrete tank is not subject to temperature fluctuations, making it the ideal recipient for water harvesting and storage.

Concrete Water Storage Tanks

A dedicated division within Murphy’s Concrete Products designs bespoke precast concrete products according to specific client requirements. From water storage to farmyard runoff, rainwater harvesting to septic tanks, we’re here to provide you with the solution you need, moulded to your circumstances.

Greywater Recycling Concrete Tanks

Create your own water cycle when you opt for a greywater recycling tank. Helping save water and cut down on bills, a water recycling system allows you to use water that would otherwise go to waste in toilets, for irrigation and even to wash clothes. A cost-effective solution to green water usage.

Concrete Wastewater Treatment

Both durable and economic, our concrete wastewater treatment systems are made up of a septic tank and efficient SBR technology, employing proven biological processes to remove contaminants in an efficient process that saves both time and money.

11,000-Litre Water Storage Tanks

Ideal for any use requiring large amounts of water storage, our underground 11,000-litre tanks are perfect for agricultural or commercial use, storing water safely below ground level. Durability, low maintenance requirements, minimal rust and temperature resistance make concrete the ideal material for water storage systems.

EN Certified Concrete Tanks

All Murphy Concrete Products are made using EN certified concrete with strengths of 50N minimum unless otherwise stated. Though concrete is known to crack and split, this all depends on the quality of the materials used, and we don’t stand for anything less than the highest quality, providing for maximum durability.

The Benefits of Using Concrete for Storage Tanks

A popular choice among those looking for reliability and durability, especially under more volatile conditions, concrete has been proven to stand the test of time with little maintenance, both above and underground. When buried, concrete withstands substantial pressure, allowing for the passage of heavy loads with no concern for the tank. This allows for large amounts of water to be stored conveniently without disrupting any agricultural or commercial operations underway on the surface. In saturated soil, concrete won’t float or shift, ensuring stability under all weather conditions and therefore the durability of your water storage or septic tank, only some of the reasons why concrete is a choice material across Ireland and abroad 


Murphy Concrete Products

High-strength, durable concrete is a trusted material of choice thanks to its:

  •       High weather, bacteria, manure, and vermin,         resistance 
  •        Minimal maintenance requirements
  •        High availability
  •        Long service life

 All of which contribute to concrete products saving time and money across operations in a range of sectors. Here at Murphy’s Concrete Products, we ensure each solution we provide does all this and more, delivering reliability, durability, and peace of mind for as long as they are operational.