Prepare for Winter Slurry Storage

Slurry Channels

As housing edges closer, many farmers are putting arrangements in place for slurry storage over the winter period. Some farmers have constructed a slurry storage unit further away from the slurry tank, using Murphy Concrete’s slurry channels to connect the two units.

Reducing Health and Safety Risks with Slurry Channels

The slurry channels have excellent flow characteristics, which reduce the need for farmers to handle the slurry. The use of the slurry channels means that there is less agitation taking place inside the farm building and as a result it reduces any potential health and safety risks.

Extending Slurry Storage

Slurry channels have both solid and slatted covers available, so another slurry storage unit can be located away from the slurry tank with out any further requirement for slats. Alternatively, the channels can extend the area covered by the slurry tank, which makes scraping the yard or building easier.

The Murphy Concrete slurry channels can be installed quickly, and in a year where straw will be in short supply, there is an increasing number of farmers investigating alternative slurry storage options within a short space of time. The channels are manufactured from reinforced, high strength concrete and is a highly durable, smooth finished product.

For more information on our slurry channels and how they can work for your farm, please call our sales team on 087 1656225.

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