Drinking Troughs

Features and specifications:
• Drinking Troughs are designed with Animal Safety in mind, with internal and external rounded corners.

• Concrete Drinking Troughs are robust and will not lose their shape. They will also withstand any movement by livestock.

• All Troughs are reinforced using polymer fibre and reinforced steel to achieve maximum tensile strength.

• It is recommended that in extreme low temperatures to fully drain the Drinking Trough to prevent damage.

• Easy draining of water can be achieved by removing the tapered solid rubber bung.

• The rubber bung size for the 150-to-500-gallon Trough is 64mm outlet and the 30-to-70-gallon Trough is 44mm outlet.

• The valve protection concrete cover is fully removable for ease of access.

• All valves are mounted onto a steel galvanised bracket. This bracket is bolted to the top rim of the trough.

• All troughs are manufactured to 40N certified EN 206 concrete.


Available Sizes

30 Gallons-     1450mm long, 650mm wide, 330mm depth

70 Gallons-     2110mm long, 650mm wide, 500mm depth

150 Gallons-   1920mm long, 1020mm wide, 610mm depth

300 Gallons-   2580mm long, 1220mm wide, 740mm depth

400 Gallons-   3330mm long, 1200mm wide, 750mm depth

500 Gallons-   4140mm long, 1200mm wide, 750mm depth