Rainwater Harvesting Tank

For durable aboveground and underground water storage

Concrete Rainwater
Harvesting Tanks

Murphy’s precast concrete rainwater harvesting tanks are the single-tank system you’ve been looking for to make the most of the rainwater while cutting down on your water bill. 

If space is a concern and you want a single tank to store all your runoff for use around your house or establishment, whether underground or aboveground, this precast concrete rainwater harvesting tank is for you.

Our rainwater storage tanks are


Store your water effectively and reliably with no leaks or cracks, whether overground or underground.


Our water storage tanks can be provided with watertight seals for pipe entry in any location on your tank.


Placed on a 50mm sand bed, our large water tanks can usually be backfilled with excavated material, which means no extra concrete is required.


Concrete Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are made out of minimum 50N strength concrete, built to resist high levels of water pressure.


No rust means the water stored and used from your tank is clean. For even cleaner water, install filters to remove debris before the water reaches the tank.


Available for installation aboveground or underground, our water storage tanks can be placed where you need them most.

Rainwater recycling: how it works

There are so many benefits to harvesting rainwater, whether for use around the house or on farmland, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t all benefit from this natural resource. After all, before we began using drinking water to meet all our daily needs, we relied almost exclusively on rainwater for just about everything, from bathing to watering our gardens in dryer periods. 

With the declining quality of water in some areas, and rising costs in others, more and more people are turning to rainwater to meet their water needs and finding that, for some purposes, it works even better than the water that comes out of our taps. Softer, chlorine-free rainwater has been found to contain no limescale-causing minerals, meaning it is better for use in appliances like washing machines and other areas around the house – if channelled and stored cleanly, of course. So how do you make sure your rainwater is clean?

A rainwater storage tank is the first step to ensuring rainwater is harvested and stored for whenever you may need it, but if you plan to recycle your rainwater efficiently, it is key that it is kept as clean as possible. This process starts from the collection of the water through sealed gutters around the roof of a home, which keep out any larger pieces of debris that may be swept along by the rain. Next, the water should flow through a series of filters that ensure any leaves or twigs are filtered out, after which the filtered water flows into the tank through a calmed inlet pipe. Once in the tank, your water is ready to be pumped out and used.

Storing your water in a concrete, rather than metal or plastic, tank means it is safe from rust and does not undergo temperature fluctuations throughout the day, keeping it cool and clean whenever you need to use it.


Whatever the motivation to store rainwater, opt for a robust, concrete rainwater storage tank designed to keep water clean no matter where you install it.