Trough Valve Assemblies


30 Gallon to 70 Gallon Top Fill Troughs

150 to 500 Gallon Top Fill Trough

Cow Foot Bath Assembly

This video shows you how easy it is to assemble our outstanding Cow Foot Bath System.

Integrity Is Everything

Have a look inside our plant at the processes we use to ensure the integrity and strength of the products. 

Staff Treat Day

Some say happy staff equals happy customers and we think the’ve hit the nail bang on the head.

This video demonstrates out to safely stack our troughs in the retail environment. This is mainly aimed at our nationwide retail partners but is also useful for anyone stacking troughs in storage

One of our earlier videos on maintaining your water trough valve. This is as relevant today as it ever was. Conducting period checks on your valves will ensure many years of reliable operation. Have a look to see how easy it actually is.