Supplementation of diet resulting in increase in demand for Murphy Concrete feed troughs

Low J Precast Concrete Feed Trough

As the spell of drought-like conditions continues, grass growth all over Ireland has been stunted. This has resulted in farmers supplementing their animal’s diet with meal and silage. This supplementation has dug into the winter fodder stocks, which could lead to further pressure towards the back end of the year.

Prevent further damage to land

Some farmers are keeping stock indoors on a permanent basis to reduce further damage to land, while others are selling off surplus youngstock and culling non-performing cows to take the pressure off land and fodder supplies.

The main priority for farmers is to reduce the daily grass demand to below the daily grass growth rate, according to Teagasc, and maintain the usual grazing rotation of 25-30 days.

Re-introducing the diet feeder

Machinery, such as the diet feeder, not usually seen on farms from March to October most years, is proving vital to many dairy farmers across the country. The Murphy Concrete precast feed troughs can be used with a diet feeder, encouraging animals to eat the whole diet mix. This helps increasing performance while also providing a more cost-effective way of feeding, especially in a time where budgets would be tighter than normal.

With a range of sizes to suit the output of the diet feeder, Murphy Concrete can suit your farm’s individual feeding requirements from single-sided to double-sided feeding.

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