Valves are provided with bottom and top fill troughs from Murphy Precast purchased from our Irish stockists

The valves are designed specifically for Murphy Precast products and produced from non-corrosive plastic.

PVC on line taps are fitted to all troughs, top and bottom fill troughs. By having an on line tap fitted to your valve, it helps the user to manage the water supply to each trough more efficiently.

The PVC taps are made from PVC plastic and are non-corrosive. The tap thread size is ¾” female on both sides.

The superior valves and taps are bought in from our supplier in New Zealand. Additional valve and taps are subject to a follow on cost.

We believe in helping our customers to safeguard, protect and get the most from any product they purchase. For this reason, we also include top tips on how to secure your valve and trouble shoot your valve problems with each valve provided.

The accessories pictured here are included in overall product price initially. All valves have a six month warranty from date of invoice.

We are happy to provide further pieces if the customer requires them. These are subject to a follow on cost.