Getting Winter Ready with Murphy Concrete Products

The housing period is quickly coming upon us and with that comes the need to prepare our animals and farmyards for the winter ahead. Much of this preparation consists of routine animal chores that require our attention such as hoof-pairing, and disinfecting hooves. As many cows will be dried off over the winter period, there may not be the opportunity to routinely walk animals through the footbath. In the weeks prior to drying off, bring cows through the Murphy’s Concrete footbath regularly, so that their feet will be ready for whatever the winter may bring.

Pre-winter Maintenance

This is also a time to get improvements done in the yard, before the business of housing begins. Make a list of repairs that need to be made around the farm. Whether it be repairing lights in the sheds or general maintenance tasks. Following such a tough year, farmers are making sure that they have their bases covered with regards to fodder and increasing their chances of having enough fodder for stock by making improvements in the yard, such as installing cubicles so that surplus straw can be fed to stretch fodder supplies.

Slurry Storage

The improvements on farm also include putting in slatted tanks; this year many farmers are putting in secondary slurry storage units, using our slurry channels to connect them to the main slurry tank. Should we have another long winter, slurry storage won’t be an issue.

Be sure that your housing units have been thoroughly cleaned out in preparation for housing and sufficiently disinfected. Having housing units properly disinfected reduces the risk of disease and helps maintain the overall herd health.

With Murphy Concrete’s range of precast products, you’re sure to be prepared in the run up to housing. For a full list of our agricultural products, click here.

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